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Each week, EEAC posts on its website a series of in-depth memos that are designed to keep EEAC’s member companies informed of important developments relating to EEO and affirmative action compliance. The Memos On-Line are password-protected, and are available only to EEAC member company employees. Subscription information is provided below. User names and passwords are assigned after payment is received.

What Are the Memos On-Line Subscription Options?
There are three options for subscribing to EEAC’s Memos On-Line: (1) One free individual subscription comes with the company’s EEAC membership. In most cases, the recipient/subscriber will be the company’s primary EEAC representative; (2) A “corporate site license” that, for an additional annual fee of $995, allows the member company to give Memos On-line access to as many employees as it wants to designate; (3) Additional individual subscriptions also are available at a price of $625 annually.

What Is a "Site License" and What Are Its Advantages? The memos on-line site license allows multiple employees to access the weekly memos, and is a cost effective alternative if there are three or more employees whom the member company wants to get the memos. For an annual pre-paid license fee of $995, EEAC will assign to an authorized company representative a user name and password which can be shared by that person with other company employees. For more information about a site license, please contact the program line at 202-629-5650, or fax at 202-629-5651, or by e-mail to

Can I Give My User Name and Password to Another Person?
No. Any dissemination to any other individual of the user name and password assigned to access EEAC’s memos on-line, except as expressly permitted by EEAC under the corporate site license procedures described above, is strictly prohibited. EEAC reserves the right to cancel a company’s on-line subscription(s) if we discover that such unauthorized dissemination occurs.

Are the On-Line Memos Copyrighted? Yes. The on-line memos are prepared for the exclusive use of EEAC member companies and are copyright protected. This means that any reproduction or transmission without EEAC’s express authorization is not permitted.

How Do I Subscribe to EEAC's Memos On-Line?
Please contact the program line at 202-629-5650, or by e-mail to


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