Family and Medical Leave Act - Amicus Curiae Briefs

Date Amicus Curiae Court
12/3/2008 Dobrowski v. Jay Dee Contractors
6th Circuit
11/21/2007 Progress Energy v. Taylor
Supreme Court
7/17/2007 Taylor v. Progress Energy
4th Circuit
11/8/2006 Mahoney v. Nokia
11th Circuit
8/17/2006 Taylor v. Progress Energy
4th Circuit
8/9/2006 O'Reilly v. Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
3rd Circuit
7/5/2006 Rucker v. Lee Holding Co.
1st Circuit
8/2/2005 Taylor v. Progress Energy, Inc.
4th Circuit
1/28/2005 Electrolux Home Products v. UAW of America
8th Circuit
3/8/2004 Urban v. Dolgencorp of Texas, Inc.
5th Circuit
12/4/2003 Hoffman v. Professional Med Team, Inc.
6th Circuit
10/22/2003 Cavin v. Honda
6th Circuit
6/26/2003 Aubuchon v. Knauf Fiberglass
7th Circuit
10/15/2002 Moreau v. Air France
9th Circuit
10/5/2001 Ragsdale v. Wolverine World Wide, Inc.
Supreme Court

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