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The Equal Employment Advisory Council (EEAC) is a nonprofit employer association founded in 1976 to provide guidance to its member companies on understanding and complying with their EEO and affirmative action obligations. EEAC today is comprised of nearly 300 major corporations and is staffed by experienced lawyers and HR professionals with in depth knowledge in handling EEO and affirmative action compliance issues.

EEAC's focus is proactive rather than defensive, and is rooted in a philosophy that it is far better to prevent problematic situations from arising than it is to try to fix them after the fact. We strive to be recognized as the premier advisor to enlightened companies on issues related to EEO, affirmative action, and diversity management practices, as well as to serve as a respected and effective advocate on their behalf.

Services provided as part of a company's annual dues include weekly memos that provide practical analysis and guidance on current EEO/AA developments, as well as direct access to EEAC's staff experts, through the MemberAssist service; they are always available to handle member inquiries seeking information or guidance on workplace compliance issues.

EEAC also offers an array of compliance tools, including the EEAC Comp AuditorŪ II compensation analysis software, the new EEAC Applicant TrackerTM software for maintaining and analyzing compliance-related applicant flow information, the IRA Workbook II for conducting impact ratio analyses, and online Data Services that provide a rich source of demographic and educational attainment data to EEAC members for affirmative action and diversity planning.

In direct response to member requests for a source of informed and credible EEO/AA training for corporate managers, EEAC has developed a comprehensive set of skills development seminars for member companies in areas such as understanding basic EEO requirements, developing affirmative action programs, conducting compensation analyses for possible discrimination, and investigating and responding to charges of discrimination.

Last but not least, EEAC serves its members in the public policy arena by filing friend of-the-court briefs in important employment-related cases and by submitting written comments on major federal regulatory proposals. Our briefs and comments have established EEAC as a highly credible advocate for articulating to the courts and government regulators the practical consequences of their decisions on corporate fair employment practices.

For more information about how membership in EEAC can benefit your organization, please call us at 202-629-5650.

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