Memos On-Line

Memos On-Line is a weekly service available to EEAC member company representatives who have been authorized to use the service by way of a username and password issued by EEAC. This username and password also allow access to the Member Resources section of our website (described below).
Memos On-Line subscription information is available here

Member Resources

EEAC's Member Resources section provides all member company representatives with convenient access to an expansive selection of compliance-related information on the web. It can be accessed by a member company representative who does not have a Memos On-Line Subscription by entering the generic username and password available to all member company representatives. To obtain the generic username and password, please email us at or call us at 202-629-5650.
Nonmembers: More information about joining EEAC is available here.

Login for Memos On-Line or Member Resources

NOTE: By logging in to the members-only sections of EEAC's website, you certify that you are an employee of an EEAC member company authorized to access the information. Any use by an individual who is not an EEAC member company employee is specifically forbidden and is considered to be a theft of member services that EEAC provides for the use of its member companies.

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